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Sep 11, 2011

Net House & Screen

The Net House is a structure consisting of galvanised hollow sections, steel wire and strand and covered with mesh metal. It can be adapted to any kind of ground and shape to get a high profit rate. It is suitable for dry regions and can include zenithal ventilation. The screens installed by OurTechnology allow a proper control of the light, temperature and humidity which signifies a considerable improvement in climate control. These screens, being moveable, can be opened and closed...

Sep 09, 2011

Hydroponic Equipment

We are the major manufacturer of hydroponic equipment and supplies, selling through dealers worldwide. We are developing new hydroponic systems and perfecting nutrients formulas to enhance flavor and yield, plus vitamin and mineral content in foods crops for higher nutritional value. Our farm division is testing many varieties of vegetables for growth rate, yield, flavor, nutrition, appearance, shelf-life and hydroponic viability. A wide variety of seeds for gourmet fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and ornamental plants are suitable for hydroponic cultivation....

Aug 28, 2011

Greenhouse Indonesia

Greenhouse Indonesia : Greenhouses are ideal for growing many types of vegetables, both in the warm weather and the winter. Not only is growing your own food fun and rewarding, but it can also save you hundreds of Rupiah or more on your grocery bills. Growing your own produce is not a complicated task–however, it is important to have the right greenhouse setup and supplies to accomplish your gardening goals. Simple single-arch greenhouse. The Greenhouse has a simple structure, easy...