Sep 11, 2011

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A drip irrigation installation is formed by a set of mechanisms and inter-connected pipes that convey the water enriched with nutrients at the pressure and with the purity necessary for the drip feeders or injectors to carry out the discharge in accordance with their optimum operating curve.

Generally a drip irrigation facility consists of the following component parts:

  • Head Unit: It allows the water to be conveyed to the drip feeders with the flow rate, pressure, purity and concentration of required nutrient elements.
  • Main, secondary and, if necessary, tertiary pipes: They have the job of transporting the water with the fertilizers.
  • Irrigation branches: They are the pipes fitted with the drip feeders with the corresponding injectors and that allow the discharge of the flow rates established.

Inside the head, depending on the study prepared, it will be possible to install different options both in the pumping set and in the filtration system, as well as in the fertilizer delivery system.

Natural pressure Pumping set:

  • Pumps driven by diesel or petrol engine
  • Electric pumps – horizontal, vertical, submersible


  • Hydrocyclone
  • Sand filters
  • Ring filters
  • Automatic cleaning filters

We install the widest range of drip feeders that exist at present, which will allow the appropriate solution for your facility:

  • Fruit trees
  • Hydroponic cultivation
  • Industrial cultivation
  • Vegetables in open air and greenhouses
  • Flowers


Greenhouse Evaporation Colling Pad and fan cooling system is a very economical and effective cooling method for greenhouses, tunnel houses, Poultry sheds and piggeries.

Our experience shows that even under the hottest of climates, our pad and fan system can maintain comfortable growing conditions and offer the best environment for your situation.

Operation :

While the system is running, the fans draw air through the greenhouse thus creating negative pressure inside. Unsaturated air outside then flows through the cooling pads surface which is wet. Moisture on the surface of the pad evaporates and this evaporation cools the air entering through the pad. This dramatically reduces the temperature of the air and thus the greenhouse.

Evaporative Cooling Pad

We have a range of cooling pad structures to suit any application. These pads have the following features:


  • Excellent Water holding capacity
    Generally the absorbing height in 5 minutes is over 50mm and in 1.5 hours is over 200mm
  • Environmentally safe material
    No chemical composition such as phenol is used in this
    material. Non allergenic to the skin, safe for people .
  • Unique beehive structure
    Special paper texture and beehive structure are adopted to create self supporting pads-no external support necessary. Also prohibits sagging and rotting of pad.
  • Long Life and High Cooling Efficiency


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